Single Speed is All You Need

Bad Boy Singlespeed

Bad Boy Singlespeed

I have finally bought myself a new bike. After much deliberation, a single speed Cannondale Bad Boy has won the day. One of the main points with selecting a new bike was to have low maintenance. To achieve this, hydraulic disk brakes were required. Gears have always irritated me, especially when they need adjusting. Originally, the eight speed hub geared version of the same bike had my attention, but that would still require a gear cable.

Having read a few websites that raved about the advantages of single speed, it was decided to take a chance. If it turned out that the single speed was to much to cope with on my route to work, then it would always be possible to purchase a hub gear, and convert the bike.

I have now fitted the bike with a pair of SPD peddles, and used the bike for work a few time. It is a great relief that it has been fantastic. The thought of riding up and down hills in one gear was a little daunting, but that has turned out to be unfounded. As this bike is a lot lighter than my old bike, and fitted with thinner tyres means that it makes the ride uphills possible in the gear it uses.

If you have ever thought of getting a single speed bike, then do it! Single Speed is All You Need! 🙂

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