Get Knotted!

For a product that I am working on, I need to attach a rope to the product. Simple, I thought, tie a knot. My first feeble attempts fell apart. Later attempts did the job, but looked a mess. A quick Google later, and I had a knot that seems to do the job. The tucked double overhand. Three simple images are enough to explain how the knot works. Moments later I had the knot off pat, and decided to show the production department.

All of a sudden we hit a problem. For some reason, no one else is able to tie this knot! I can’t believe that I am particularly gifted in this area, but maybe I am not a dumb as I think sometimes. Is this a hard knot?

This animation was done in Povray. I got fed up of trying to show the knot to people, so next time they ask, they will get a link to this.

More fun with Povray

From time to time, I get the the urge to play with Povray.

As can be seen, I am in the process of modeling my home. The idea was I could try out different arrangements of furniture and stuff, and get a view of what it looks like. We even may move some walls around, and this should help to give a feel for how it could look.

At the moment, I am still putting the walls in place. Two big gaps are the fire place, and the front door.